Holiday Card As Brand Burnisher

It was the most challenging project, by the most demanding client, that Fatt Lipp has ever encountered.

The dictate: Develop an online holiday card concept that tied directly, visually to the brand in proprietary fashion. That is, an exercise in holiday card as brand burnisher.

Other creative-briefed must-haves:

* The concept had to have legs to extend, campaign-like, over several years.

* It had to avoid comic, cutesy and/or jocular themes (e.g. no Santa, no Rudolph, etc.); rather, the concept’s tone had to be one of “sophistication and serenity.”

The client was an absolute bear — a stickler for elegance, brevity and simplicity, while (of course) carping continually about budget concerns.

Fatt Lipp’s solution: a campaign built on 30-second flash animations of singularly serene solstice scenes. Within each execution, a winter-related icon with a round shape — e.g. ornament, wreath, skating pond — would morph into the client’s logo (also round). To further a campaign feel, Fatt Lipp proposed to use the same placid music bed in each execution.

The client loved the results. And the holiday card campaign — highly popular, if recipients’ glowing comments are any indication — is now in its third year. Have a look and let me know your thoughts in the Comment section.

The 2007 online holiday card

The 2008 online holiday card

The 2009 online holiday card

BTW, a big HATT TIPP to interactive designer extraordinaire Michael Russo ( for the outstanding work.

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2 Responses to Holiday Card As Brand Burnisher

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  2. Nikki Benner says:

    I loved these videos. I watched the first, and then recognized the little snowman during the second. While watching the third, I was excited to see the reflection of the snowman in the ornament! I’m a huge fan of integrated marketing strategies, and have always seen the holiday card as an often-missed opportunity to touch your clients/ prospects and remind them of who you are… not a hard sell, but a “brand burnisher” as you so elegantly state it. I’ve just started my own marketing blog, and had to reference your firm and this post:

    Please let me know if you mind the reference or if you would like me to reference you, this post, or your firm differently.

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